tax consultant in Dubai

The Importance Of Hiring Top Tax Consultants in Dubai

As a hub of world commerce, Dubai has sophisticated tax laws for businesses based in this town. Whether they are real estate firms, energy services firms, lawyers, marketers or any other type of firm, taxes are an important part of conducting legal business. While all companies want to stay on the right side of the law, they also want to have the lowest tax burden permissible. That is why it is crucial to get advice from experts that will save both time and money.


First and foremost, you need your returns to be accurate. Many items are difficult to classify  so an expert is needed to make sure it is correct according to local laws. This is especially important for expats or international firms that are used to their local accounting systems.

For example, the depreciation and amortization schedule for your assets may be different in Dubai than your home country. This will make a big difference on the returns. Another area of confusion is the valuation of inventory. Firms are often confused whether they need to use FIFO, LIFO, accrual or another method.

Credits and Write-Offs

Dubai has a wealth of credits and write-offs for areas that the government is trying to promote. Firms in the areas of technology research and development have an especially large choice of credits. These companies should definitely utilize tax consultants in order to get everything that they deserve to receive.

Chartered House Tax Consultants

One of the top tax consultants in Dubai is Chartered House. The firm has deep experience from world-renowned partners and experts. The company’s philosophy is to help spur innovation and boost productivity at their clients. They will go above and beyond to provide the type of valuable tax and audit advice that is perfect for both local government regulations and international capital markets.

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