tax consultant in Dubai

Duties and Responsibilities of Tax Consultants in Dubai

Companies often wonder why they should hire a tax consultant in UAE. One of the primary ways to understand how important this can be is understanding what a consultant does. While every tax consultant is different, in general the primary duties and responsibilities of a tax consultant include:

  • Keeping organisation bookkeeping and accounting sorted
  • Completing VAT filing requirement
  • Ensuring compliance with UAE Federal Rules

Value Added Services

Most organisations do not have the expertise to conduct their own internal audits, understand their competition, or have a solid understanding of regulatory requirements which can hamper their operations. Fortunately, those who have hired the right consultant in Dubai need not worry about this, because the tax consultant can take over these important tasks.

We know how important it is for you to focus on daily operations, so we help fill that gap between what has to be done to remain successful and what has to be done to be in full compliance.

Chartered House Offers Solutions

Since every organisation is different, and no two have the same sets of needs, you need someone who will offer a customized solution. Our focus is to help you create sustainable value for your stakeholders and ensure you remain in full compliance with tax laws and other issues pertaining to corporate governance.

For an organisation to be successful, they need a tax consultant who has skills and experience working across a range of industries. This is the type of experience offered by Chartered House Tax Consultants. Do not take any unnecessary risks with an organisations compliance issues, instead contact Chartered House tax Consultants at +971 4 243566 and let us provide solutions that work for your needs.