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Does Your Business Require an Accounting Auditor in Dubai?

Small and medium business operators often think that the most economical and convenient way to take care of their business accounting functions is to hire someone in house to do this. But is this really advantageous? It may not be, for several reasons.

For one, to attract decent personnel, the owner of the business must often offer costly benefits and bonuses. Also, many smaller businesses do not require the full time services of accounting personnel. Finally and perhaps most importantly, are the implications of the laws regarding taxes, such as the Value Added Tax, and the other tax regulations of the United Arab Emirates. Are those in your accounting department expert in tax regulations, in case of audit? Do in-house accounting personnel have sufficient knowledge and expertise of the tax laws to steer your company through the murky financial and tax waters? They likely don’t.

In the distant past, each person required knowledge in all areas of life to survive. But the essence of civilization is specialization. Specialization allowed the formation of business entities with focus on more narrow, specific products and services. This narrow focus meant more time could be spent to develop greater knowledge in each area, and consequently the quality of goods and services were greatly improved. It only makes business sense. When your vehicle is not functioning properly, you seek a mechanic. Legal problems require an attorney. Why? Because these professionals have spent much time and effort gaining knowledge and expertise. The same is even truer of accounting functions for your business, large or small. Not only can an accounting expert help in case of audit, they can use their knowledge of accounting laws to save your company time and money by planning properly.

The Auditors in Dubai at Chartered House Tax Consultancy can help steer you and your company through the murky complexities of tax regulation and audit. We specialize in accounting. Accounting is our businessChartered House Tax Consultancy offers a complete range of business accounting services and expertise. To consult today with an accounting professional, contact us here or call +971 4 2435666!